eQuotes by Women I Admire

Quotes by women are not the easiest to find. It’s indicative of the imbalance that still exists in most places in the world between the sexes. Nevertheless, for inspiration, I look for quotes by strong, independent women who make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

It takes all kinds of women to make the world go round and every woman has her story. Not to mention, we are all at different stages of growth and awareness. Still, there is so much we have to offer each other from a kind word or bright smile to a bag of groceries when times are tough. Above all, quotes by women corroborate our stories with each other and remind us that we are not alone.

Send encouragement, corroboration, and support to the women in your life by emailing, downloading or sharing on Social Media. Open this up in the light box for the best options available. It will also give you the best quality view of the eQuotes.

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