When Panic Blocks Intuition; What To Do

Intuition is a delicate thing unless you develop it and work with it daily. So, for me, it comes and goes because that’s where I am in my growth. But, when panic sets in, it is so difficult to know what to do next and with blocked intuition, I get frozen in anxiety.

This is something I want to improve so, from my own experience and the research I’ve gleaned, here are some tips about what to do when your intuition is impeded. Cover Image Credit

What To Do When Your Intuition is Blocked by Panic

What To Do When Your Intuition is Blocked by Panic

I think it is easy to understand that when you live in a constant state of panic or anxiety, nothing works right. When we panic, rational common sense is nowhere to be found and intuition is just plain blocked.

I was raised in a home where intuitive thought was treated as if it were a sign of craziness. My dreams were disparaged the moment I spoke about them and hope was never a topic for discussion.

In spite of this or maybe because of it, I developed a very strong intuition. However, combine that with PTSS and over the years, I struggled with whether to listen to my intuition or to panic and run. I attest to the fact that this creates a state of mind of complete and utter confusion.

Address the Source

A good first step to relieve anxiety is to stop, breath, and think. Some like to say stop, breathe, and pray – your choice. Then, think about the source of these strong reactions. What happened? Explore that event and the associated feelings.

Stop Breath Think

I learned how to do this through experience and the teachings of positive people in my life. Here is a list of self-talk that might help you as well.

  • Ask yourself if you react strongly because of past events in your life, or is this something new?
  • Then ask yourself how this event looks without your emotions.
  • Ask yourself if this event appears bigger than it really is.

Positive Self-talk

Positive thoughts don’t come easily when panic arrives. However, we need positive thoughts to see anxiety through to a healthy conclusion.

I am I can I will instead of panic

Do you have a positive self-talk list? Here’s one to start with:

  • I’m not in danger. I am safe. This is anxiety and it will pass.
  • I have a fantastic life and I’m grateful for everything I have.
  • I will not let unreasonable emotions rule my life.

Turn to Trusted Friends

If you are lucky enough to have trusted friends handy, turn to them for comfort. This works wonders. But, be ware the exposure of your vulnerability to unworthy acquaintances. I think that speaks for itself and no further explanation is necessary.

Friends in time of panic

However, it is a scientific fact that the human brain does not develop without the presence of another human brain. A hug from an friend or family member is sometimes just what you need to get back on track.

Next time panic creates anxiety in your life, use these quick tips to ease your panic and get back on track. Then, let your intuition will flow freely without distraction. Peace and love!


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