What is it About the Claddagh Ring That Everyone Loves?

The beautiful Claddagh ring is a traditional Irish ring that represents love, loyalty, and friendship. The heart symbolizes love, the crown symbolizes loyalty, and the hands represent friendship. What’s more, it’s worn as a symbol of the commitment toward the three beautiful sentiments or simply a representation of heritage.

Origins of the Claddagh Ring

For ages past, couples exchange the mystic Claddagh ring as a promise, engagement, or wedding ring. These three beautiful symbols and their meanings make this a perfect pick for your loved one. Also, friendship, loyalty, and love are represented by symbols of hands, the crown, and the heart. Amazingly, the original Claddagh rings date back to the 17th century.

The ring also traces its origin to the beautiful, little village of Claddagh, County Galway, Ireland. However, there are several stories that claim how the Claddagh Ring originated.

What is it About the Claddagh Ring That Everyone Loves

Of course, the most plausible story is from the Joyce family. According to legends, there was a silversmith named Richard Joyce in the 1700s. The earliest surviving Claddagh ring bears the initials of Richard. Interestingly, once Joyce was captured by soldiers of Algeria he was sold as a slave to a Moorish goldsmith, who required an apprentice. Then, when this goldsmith noticed the talent of Richard, he taught him the skills.

Then, in 1689, Joyce was finally released when William III sent a convoy and ambassador to Algeria and demanded the immediate release of British subjects. His captor when hearing that a convoy was coming for him offered Joyce half of his wealth and his only daughter in marriage. But Joyce rejected the proposal and was filled with joy with the idea of returning to Galway. On his return to his native place, he established himself as a goldsmith during which period marks the making of the famous designs of the Irish Claddagh ring.

Correct Way to Wear the Claddagh Ring

The Irish Claddagh ring is the ultimate symbol of love and unity. Before the era of social media, these rings were a famous and unique way of expressing one’s relationship status. Telling someone your interest was one notch easier with this ring. Interestingly, there are many ways to wear your ring and some of them are as follows:

  • First, wear it on the right hand while the heart turns towards the wearer, which means that they are in a relationship.
  • Second, wear it on the right hand with the heart turning out away from the wearer. This indicates that their heart is open to love and they are not currently in a relationship.
  • Third, wear it on the left hand pointing the heart away from the hand which indicates that the wearer is in a lifelong relationship.
  • Finally, the last way is wearing the ring on the left hand pointing the heart towards the hand which means the person is in a marriage.

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