The Promise of Tomorrow

The Promise of Tomorrow by Suhail Mirza is a Facebook post that I curated to share with my readers.

The Promise of Tomorrow by Suhail Mirza

Do not be too harsh in judgement; when reflecting on what has passed in your life

What is important is we strive; each moment to repair, our hearts so as to slay our despair

For only when I truly looked up and within; did my transformation could truly begin

Traditional Wisdom exalts the beauty of our existence; one we can each unveil through our persistence

Upon our Path to Love, each step extinguishes our sorrow; as your heart fills with Light at…..

The Promise of Tomorrow

Written by Suhail Mirza

Suhail Mizra

Business person, writer, thinker and believer in Love as the sine qua non of being Human.


In this beautifully written book, by Suhail Mirza, acclaimed mystical writer and Founder of Spiritual Solutions, you will learn:

How to move from a place of meaninglessness and your own “dark night of the soul” to one of joyous purposefulness through unveiling the Light within your heart
That it never is too late to begin to make this transformation provided you are prepared to be self-authentic and courageous enough to shed the veils of deceit within and around you
How leading with your Light you make Love and Truth the foundations of all your relationships and most importantly the one with your true self.

Many Mansions” unveils the timelessness of Traditional Wisdom, through Suhail’s inimitable heartfelt writing, and shares 10 key steps that will allow you to also undertake the path of knowledge, path of action and path of love; leading to a rediscovery of who we truly are, our place in Creation and how we are each uniquely brave as well as beautiful enough to deserve bountiful joy.

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