The Joy of Inevitable Aging, Gray Hair, & Wrinkles

Some of us fight the aging journey, some of us laugh or cry and some of us just accept it. Well, I for one accepted it as the natural flow of life.

Aging happens. We can go down this journey with style and dignity making it our own, or even glean from the style of others. My suggestion is to create your own style, experience your own dignity and turn those gray hairs and wrinkles into a statement of pride.

Aging, Gray Hair, & Wrinkles

Beautiful, Glorious, Gray Hair

When my gray hairs began to push their way through the auburn brown, the next step was to run to the store and buy the color closest to my original. That process soon became an intricate part of my life.

As the years progressed, so did the gray hairs. The process became time-consuming and expensive. The next step was to let it grow out naturally and become the gray-haired lady that had been trying so hard to hide for many years. Surprisingly to me, the many shades of gray began receiving a lot of compliments!

“Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” 

— Betty Friedan

Wrinkles are the Story Lines of our Life

Aging, Gray Hair, & Wrinkles

As for the wrinkles, each of us is different.  Some individuals have fewer wrinkles than others and I think that’s due to DNA, environment, and exposure to the sun. Accept what you have and realize that each one of those little lines came about honestly by living life.

A wonderful lady told me once that she could remember each incident in her life that brought about wrinkles — raising kids, relationships, financial pressure, you name it — she could relate to each line. What a great way to look at wrinkles as though they are the storylines of our lives!

There are many products and programs tempting you with the promise of looking younger and losing those lifelines. Check them out and go with what works for you but do not lose sight of the fact that you are beautiful just the way you are.

The Softness of the Senior Years

Eventually, we realize that our body is behaving differently than before.  A double chin might gradually appear, or our skin begins to soften and change. We begin to wonder if we stand on our heads for a few hours each day, perhaps gravity will reverse the process!

So, we either accept what is happening or get out there and exercise to tone up. Additionally, our modern world is full of wonderful skincare products for the maturing senior. Do what works for you and if your decision makes you feel great and look great then you’ve found the right one.

Our bodies changing over time is something that happens to every living being on this planet. The best way to get through this process is to come to the awareness that it is an inevitable yet completely fulfilling and rewarding time of our lives.

I invite you to continue learning, living life, and serving others and yourself.  Life is beautiful and so are you, no matter what aging process you may be going through.

Have a great day!  Lela signing off. 

Guest Author: Lela Taylor

All Images Courtesy of Canva.

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