I was once interested in music therapy many years ago but life happened and that pursuit fell by the wayside for me. However, many people of the time did pursue and continue to pursue this highly effective therapy of music healing properties and techniques.

Susan’s Playlist of Healing Videos

You might have noticed that in our category of Eternal Spirit, I have placed several posts that contain healing music videos. This naturally begs the question, “How do I use sound vibration to heal spiritually, mentally, or physically and why is Susan so interested in this?”

I strongly believe that if you ask the question, the teacher will appear. The healing videos in my playlist are based on my own life-long quest for knowledge about myself, my family, and healing in general

I curated a selection of high-quality healing videos with well-qualified individuals and companies who have mastered musical techniques and recordings that will help everyone who listens regularly.

I discovered these videos on YouTube when I was recently researching alternatives to Transcendental Meditation.

This is a playlist from YouTube of the healing music videos I have gathered together. If you click in the top-left corner of the video below, you will get a drop-down menu of all the videos in the playlist.

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Click below to get more information about how this wonderful healing music works.

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