Surround Yourself with Healing Art & Photography; 4 Amazing Benefits

Healing art is a topic I’ve been thinking about for a while. With all the posts about color and its effect on humans that I’m currently writing, I also wonder how and what types of art affect humans in what ways. So, I’ve been doing a little research and I’ve found some wonderful information I’d like to outline below.

The Wonderful Benefits of Surrounding Yourself with Healing Art & Photography

Surround Yourself with Healing Art & Photography

Recent research on visual art has focused on its psychological and physiological effects, mostly in clinical populations. It has shown that visual art interventions have stabilizing effects on the individual by reducing distress, increasing self-reflection and self-awareness, altering behavior and thinking patterns, and also by normalizing heart rate, blood pressure, or even cortisol levels. The extent to which visual art may also affect the functional neuroanatomy of the healthy human brain remains an open question.


• Stabilize Yourself by Reducing Stress


The first type of healing art to look for when you want a relaxing atmosphere is paintings or photography of scenes from nature. The simplicity of nature with all its myriad of colors that change from season to season is very relaxing for most people. Include your favorite areas of the world in your scenes from nature collection to enhance pleasant memories and spark conversation.

• Increase Self-reflection and Self-awareness

When we are surrounded by pleasant photographs and artwork it increases our ability for self-reflection and thereby improves our self-awareness. Honor your culture, your feelings, and your passions with artwork that reflects who you are.

• Alter Your Thought Patterns

Thought patterns are basically, your day-to-day way of thinking, be it negative or positive. Wayne Dyer said, “Everything begins with a thought”. The great thing about that is we can willfully change our thoughts. One way to do that is by surrounding ourselves with illustrious art that speaks to our souls. When we envelope our souls in the beauty of healing art we move effortlessly from negative to positive thinking patterns.

• Normalize Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Balance your environment with art work that evokes feelings of balance and harmony. Use this space to meditate and reflect on your day. As time goes by, you might find that your heart rate and blood pressure goes down significantly. Meditating regularly also makes blood pressure go down and stay down.

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