The Soothing Benefits of Peppermint

I successfully use Peppermint essential oils to relieve anxiety on a regular basis. Its application soothes and uplifts and is felt within minutes of applying the essential oil to spots on my body or in a diffuser as aromatherapy.

Peppermint: The Soothing Benefits

Here is a list of uses I’ve curated to help you on your journey. Remember, I won’t write about anything unless I use it personally. And, of course, you may have differing results. I’m not a scientist nor a doctor. I simply like to write about  things that work for me

Elevate Your Mood

Anxiety is characterized by unrelenting worry, anticipation, and tension. Depression is characterized by low energy, crying, dark emotions, and other unpleasant feelings. As I said before, I’ve personally experienced Peppermint essential oil to experience a calmness that allows me to relax and have a nicer view of the world around me. This means relief of sadness, fear, and therefore, anxiety.

Fast Pain Reliever

Because of its “cool” effect, it is a regular practice of mine to use this Essential Oil to relieve muscle pain. I apply a small amount to the stressed muscle and gently rub it in. The cooling properties go to work immediately to reduce minor pain and swelling. Some people reportedly like to combine Peppermint and tea tree essential oils for added benefit.

Relieve Mental Fatigue

Peppermint adds clarity to thought processes. It literally gives a mental boost which makes it a great way to start the day. Add it to your shower routine by combining it with filtered water and lemons. Or, add a few drops to your skin care regimen to give your skin a naturally relaxed yet stimulating effect. This increases a positive outlook while at the same time, gives an overall relaxed approach to the day.

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Peppermint is probably one of the easiest plants to grow in your indoor or outdoor garden. In fact, I recommend that you grow it in a self-contained unit such as its own tub or raised garden space. Otherwise, it will take over your entire garden. But, with that caution, you can have fresh peppermint leaves year round. How organically cool is that?

Another way to enjoy the benefits of Peppermint is as a tea made either from store bought tea leaves or your own organically grown plants. Tip: Peppermint is in the same family of herbs with Rosemary and Sage which also contain flavonoids and phenolic acids*.

Grow Your Own Peppermint

If you’d like to grow your own organic peppermint at home, you will be pleased to know that it is very easy to grow. Some would say “too easy”. Peppermint can easily take over your entire garden. I like to grow peppermint in containers for this reason.

This will be shipped with free self-watering green pot wish customized label with herb names or what you want. These plants are all organic with a strong root system. All plants come with a FREE GIFT.

Peppermint Essential Oil from dōTERRA

dōTERRA Peppermint Touch contains essential oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil to provide a multitude of benefits. Its minty, fresh scent can be used aromatically and topically throughout the day to uplift mood and promote a sense of focus. This essential oil is known to lessen feelings of tension when applied to the temples or the back of the neck. This is applied to these areas and anywhere on the body to provide a cooling massage or to naturally deter insects. VIA dōTERRA Essential Oils – Click through this link, then select SHOP then SEARCH.

* Flavonoids and phenolic acids also function as reducing agents, free radical scavengers, and quenchers of singlet oxygen formation. In addition, flavonoids and phenolic acids components play important roles in the control of cancer and other human diseases.”
Flavonoids and phenolic acids: Role and biochemical activity in plants and human (PDF Download Available). Available from: [accessed Oct 12 2017].

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