Shaman Angel Music to Heal and Cleanse While You Listen

Shaman Angel Music for healing and cleansing. Listen to this Angel Music meditation video and tune into the wisdom of the Universe.

Healing Music for Us All

Music that Heals

In our modern world, there is evidence of many things that were formerly not thought of as mediums through which spiritual or physical healing are obtained. One of the fastest growing fields of study on this topic is Music Therapy which is a very similar topic to one of my favorite topics, Healing Music.

When a music therapist goes into hospitals and treats patients, wondrous things happen. Here are just a few of the benefits of modern-day music therapy.

•   Smoother Surgical Procedures

Trials show that people who listen to music before surgery need fewer sedatives administered because they receive natural relaxation through the music. In addition, with music in the operating rooms patients report less discomfort while in the procedure. Finally, music in the recovery rooms lowers the need for pain medication.

•   Lost Speech is Restored

Music therapy helps people with damaged left brains recover their ability to speak. Singing originates in the right side of the brain so music therapists encourage patients to sing their thoughts continuously and then slowly drop the melody.

Shaman Angel Healing Music

•   Chemotherapy Side Effects Lessened

The anxiety from chemotherapy lessens with music therapy. In addition, it helps relieve associated nausea.

•   Natural Relief from Pain

Music therapy results in lower and more manageable pain for some people. Also, it helps relieve depression and gives patients a brighter outlook.

•   Help for Dementia Patients

Music helps recall memories, lowers frustration levels, promotes communication, and helps with mobility.

Tip o’ the Hat to Healing Through Music

I hope you enjoy this Angel Music video as much as I do. Please note that I have no rights over this video whatsoever and it is for information and educational purposes only. See credit below to the creators of this video. Thank you!

Shaman Angel Music For Healing and Cleansing. Raise Your Vibration and activate your higher mind with the power of 432Hz tuned shamanic angel music. Composer: Alexander Soares Varhaug

For Your Freedom, Love, and Joy,
Kenneth & Alexander – Powerthoughts Meditation Club

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