Senior Lifestyles
Be There

As I get older and see my circle of friends aging – I see a greater need for people to be there for each other. But, in a practical way!

What Happens When a Love One Passes

The journey of aging will bring tears and laughter as we prepare for the when a loved one passes. Time does soften the pain but what remains?

The Joy of Inevitable Aging Gray Hair and Wrinkles

Some of us fight the aging journey, some of us laugh or cry and some of us just accept it. Will you accept it as a natural part of life?

Reflections on the Elusive Transition from Middle-age to Senior

What age do we start thinking of ourselves as being old? I remember when in my teens, I thought 35 was going to be my middle-age.

3 Tips for Seniors to Improve Quality of Life

As we age, what constitutes quality of life changes, especially for seniors. Use these tips to maintain your physical and mental health.

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