Save the Rain Forests

Where do I begin to talk about the topic “Save the Rain Forests”? How do I explain my deep sadness at what is happening to Mother Earth?

Save the Rain Forests

Here are some common questions. Where do these people come from that think it’s ok to destroy our home? Why can’t it be stopped? When did it become ok to attempt to eradicate a group of humans because they insist on protecting their lands from destruction?

Those answers to those questions are easy…because they’re pointless questions. First, destructive people are not something new. Next, this destruction is not something new. Finally, attempts to eradicate groups of people is not something new.

Rather than being something new, it’s a behavior that’s been with us a long time. Supply, demand, and the importance of money in our society is what causes it. But beware, because the thrill of “having more” is now invading our lives with undesirable consequences. Unfortunately, those consequences threaten every living being on this planet.

Save the Rain Forests

We Need More Sharing

The thing is, we don’t need more. We need to share more of what we have with each other.

Humans glorify explorers and scientists but then ignore their warnings. As a result, the earth is literally being destroyed by its own inhabitants. All for the sake of continuing to conquer and fill deep pockets. That seems self-destructive to me.

Moreover, we humans claim to be the most intelligent of all species of life on earth. However, to date, we are also the most destructive by leaps and bounds of any other species.

Now We Must All Do What We Can

Humans are the direct cause of the destruction of the rain forests. Never-the-less, we must now all do our part to Save the Rain Forests in any way, big or small, that each of us can do.

The quotes below are free to send via email, or you may click on them to open a lightbox and share them to your favorite social media site. This my contribution, however small, to spread the word about the consequences of the rain forests destruction all around the world.

It’s about awareness and I really appreciate your help in using these tools to spread the word as together we light the way. 🔥

All Images Courtesy of Canva.

Save the Rain Forest Quotes

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