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It is deeply disturbing that the coral reefs are among the earthly treasures that humans are destroying. What’s more, they are an essential piece of Mother Earth’s ecosystem. Moreover, they are indeed necessary for no less than our very survival.

After doing a little research, I curated information about the virtues of the coral reefs of the sea and the rapid decline of the coral reefs around the world. If this is a topic that speaks to your heart, we invite you to continue reading to learn more about the corals of the sea and the beauty and perils that surround them in our modern world.

Corals are living organisms made of calcium carbonate.  An individual coral organism is less than the size of 1 inch.  But, a colony of coral polyps will grow together and create the massive structures you see in oceans. A massive colony of coral organisms is a coral reef.  These marine structures can stretch for miles. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration states that there are many species and shapes of coral. They list many species of coral including those shaped like a fan and others identified as sea whips.  Organisms with hard polyps are known as “stony” coral. These hard corals are the foundation for coral reefs. There are other coral species that do not have hard surfaces. Some species of corals are soft and flexible like other underwater plants. You can find coral in oceans all around the world.  You can also find huge coral reefs in tropical waters.

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