Rosemary Boosts Memory, Mood & Relieves Minor Pain

If you cook, you’re probably familiar with Rosemary. It’s an aromatic herb we use regularly in our cooking routines with meats and vegetables. I sure took it for granted! There it was right in front of me my entire life.

Boost Your Mood, Memory & More with Rosemary

Boost Your Mood, Memory & More with Rosemary

I had no idea that Rosemary had such wonderful attributes that positively affect the human senses in more ways than simply taste. Here is some interesting information I’ve curated on the subject of Rosemary as a supplement for overall mood stabilization:

  1. Mark Moss and Lorraine Oliver’s research proves that both mental speed and accuracy improve with the use of Rosemary oil vapors.
  2. In a clinical trial conducted by Hay et al (1998), it was found that stimulants for hair growth are present.
  3. “Without a properly functioning circulatory system, one is not mentally sharp. One of the primary reasons why cognitive abilities decline with age is because of reduced blood flow to the brain. It appears that both rosemary and thyme may be viable, dietary tools in combating this unwanted occurrence.” VIA Healthy Fellow
  4. To inhale the scent of this plant lowers cortisol levels and activates a relaxation response. This enables our bodies’ functions to return to normal after a stressful event and elevates our mood. VIA Underground Health Reporter

The Rosemary Benefits

The nicest health benefits include the following attributes:

  1. Bacterial protection
  2. Body detoxification
  3. Circulation stimulation
  4. Immune system protection
  5. Inflammation reduction
  6. Memory booster
  7. Mood improvements
  8. Pain relief
  9. Premature aging prevention
  10. Skin healing

Grow your own Rosemary

It is easy to grow this plant from a starter. Use a container with a drainage hole as Rosemary roots rot in soil that does not drain well. This plant is difficult to grow from seed, but if you want to grow it from seed, here is an article to help you. How to grow your own from seed.

Or, you can order (or make your own) Rosemary essential oil and aromatherapy for your personal use as a healthy way to avoid costly and damaging pharmaceuticals on your journey to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, and pain.

The Rosemary Essential Oils

Derived from the fresh flowering at the top of the rosemary plant, this wonderful essential oil relieves my neck and shoulder pain from sitting and working at the computer all day. Before I started using this essential oil, I was in excruciating pain by the end of the day – almost like someone was stabbing me in the shoulder. So, my discovery of the rosemary essential oil was a blessing, indeed.

It’s also known to reduce stress and even helps with respiratory conditions. It smells so earthy yet heavenly with its woodsy scent that brings up images of pine trees in the forest. So refreshing!

Join me on my latest discovery of my journey through PTSS with the use of Rosemary as an herbal antidote to stress, anxiety, depression, and minor pain. How do you use Rosemary in your life?

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