Quote Images; Social Media’s Favorite Tactic

Quote images are everywhere on the internet so they are quite obviously the medium of choice for most marketers on social media. As a life-long curator of quotes, it falls right into my lap to create as many quote images as time allows. I love creativity and I love, love, love the messages. It makes my job a creative joy!

There are many ways to initiate contact with prospective clients but one of the easiest and more universally recognized forms of greeting is with cards. I believe you will find that very few people get angry because someone sent an unsolicited eCard to their inbox. Instead, they find it refreshing and it gives them a moment of cheer that they will remember.

Social Media Quote Images

Quote Images - Social Media's Favorite Tactic
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Why Do We Love Quotes and Quote Images?

Here are some of the reasons we enjoy quotes.

πŸ“―   They provoke deep thought, mindfulness, and empathy.

πŸ₯Š   Most carry a quick, powerful, stand-alone punch.

⏳   It doesn’t require a long time to deliver the message.

πŸŽ‰  Quotes will carry us from depressed to cheerful in an instant.

πŸ’  Sent via email, they are a wonderful, warm contact strategy.

The Value of Warm Contacts

About 10 years ago, I joined a site named Plaxo.com.  It was a place to keep contact lists and they also offered a huge variety of eCards. I loved that site and since that time, I have wanted to create something similar.

Recently, I added the technology to this site for my readers to be able to send eCards. It’s much simpler than Plaxo and my eCard selection is nowhere near the quantity or quality, however, it is a start.

Plaxo was a great site to send eCards to warm contacts. What is a warm contact? In the world of marketing, it’s someone with whom you are acquainted, either through work or play, that might be a potential customer.

Sending an eCard is the perfect way to let a warm contact know that you are still thinking about them. It jogs their memory of you and helps keep your business in the forefront of their thoughts. Isn’t that what marketing is all about?

Who Are Your Warm Contacts?

How do you identify your warm contacts? To answer this question for yourself, read the questions below to spark your new warm contact list.

  1. Is there someone in your life that gives you a degree of warmth and respect when you interact with each other?
  2. Do you know someone in your niche that might want to share their knowledge with you and perhaps even some guidance?
  3. Do you belong to a professional or student organization specifically for your industry? (Dig that membership list out of the drawer and put it to use.)
  4. Go through your previous employment history and list who might be willing to assist you with new connections.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Send an eCard and save a tree. 🌲 In my home, I run a nearly paperless office which means that I go through about one ream of printer paper per year. That’s why, when I discovered eCards early on, I quickly grabbed those eCards on Plaxo and sent them regularly for birthdays, job announcements, and more. Simply stated, eCards are perfect for email marketing and it’s all done in an environmentally friendly way. Now that’s something we can all enjoy for generations to come.

Excellent Reasons to Send an eCard

I don’t usually need a reason to send an eCard. Most of the time I do it to let someone know I care and I am thinking about them. The message is important but only so far as it gives an aura of warmth and caring to the person who receives it. When you email someone an eCard, simply by virtue of the fact that they’ve been given a gift that asks nothing in return, it sparks a little flame in the heart of the receiver. It gives them a reason to smile. Is there any better gift that you could give to anyone than to make them smile? However, to get organized with your lists or simply to tell someone you care, here are a few reasons I’ve listed for you:

  1. Assure someone you haven’t forgotten about them and that they are in your thoughts.
  2. Cheer someone up who might have missed a promotion or didn’t get the job they wanted.
  3. Congratulations on a new job or promotion or any other special event in their lives.
  4. Stay connected with someone you care about but have not seen for a time.
  5. Express appreciation for a gift you’ve received or something nice that someone did for you.
  6. After a job interview, send an eCard as a follow up to show them you appreciate their time.
  7. After you make a connection with someone new on social media send them an eCard as a follow-up.

The Search for Relevant Quotes and Images

If you love quotes as much as I do and use them regularly on social media, the search for and creation of relevant quote images to your topic can become a full-time job. (Sigh! But, it’s still the most fun of what I do.)  I usually go to GoodReads or BrainyQuotes to search for quotes. Both those sites have fabulous search engines.

Tap on any eCard to open the lightbox, then scroll, send, and share. πŸ’™πŸ™πŸ’™

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