Together we light the way through trauma by balancing our eternal spirits, beautiful minds, and healthy bodies.

Welcome to Beautiful Lives by Susan

Let me tell you a little bit about why this site came to be.

My diagnosis for post-traumatic stress syndrome came after living with it for over 50 years. At last, after decades of searching for answers about why I felt and reacted so differently from most people around me, the answers finally became clear.

Please consider this site as a place for resources to learn to heal from traumatic experiences. There are three categories on Beautiful Lives which include Eternal Spirits, Beautiful Minds, and Healthy Bodies.

Our Mission: SpiritMindBody • Balance

It is my deepest hope that kindred spirits find inspiration to follow a journey of healing in which we learn to make life decisions based on love and hope, not on fear. Please join us on our Facebook Group: Beautiful Lives • Together we light the way. 

Susan Daniels

You shall be free indeed. Kahil Gibran
Eternal Spirits

Eternal Spirits • We believe that all spiritual paths lead to the light of eternal love.

Beautiful Minds

Beautiful Minds • We stand in support of all survivors of traumatic events, foreign or domestic.

Healthy Bodies

Healthy Bodies • We promote good nutrition for the strength to heal from the effects of trauma.

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