New Year’s Resolutions, Quotes, Hopes, & Dreams for 2020

Happy New Year one and all! May your new year’s resolutions come true. May you come to realize your own peace and prosperity in whatever way that manifests for you.

One thing I’ve learned is that we never know when life is going to go “off the path.” In those instances, all we need is one person or a group of people to pull us back into the light. That’s why the motto of this site is, together we light the way.

Do you ever feel like you’re on the sideline of a huge football game, jumping up and down, trying to get people’s attention, but nobody sees or hears you? Many of us feel that way.

For this reason, it’s especially important to spread good cheer and love whenever possible. Moreover, it’s gratifying to the giver and leaves us with a warm and healing feeling of hope.

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Sharing Your New Year’s Resolutions

In fact, I believe that it’s only with the help of kindred spirits that we are able to pull ourselves out of darkness and back into the light of love. We all deserve love and acceptance, don’t we? Of course, we do. In fact, I believe that it makes no matter where you are or what you do everyday, there is a light inside each one of you to share with the world.

Sending eCards are an easy, simple way to show you care. Of course, you also receive rewards when you send a thought, a feeling, or a supportive statement. The truth is, as you give – so you will receive. Naturally, there are many ways to show others you care. But, the way many show they care is by offering support through quotes and greetings.

With that, I’d like to present my New Year’s resolutions to you in the form of quotes and greetings for the new year. Please feel free to share these, download them, or send a happy greeting to someone who needs a lift of spirit today.

Always remember, together we light the way.🔥 Namaste!🙏

Quotes for the New Year to Give Us Strength & Inspiration

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