My Great-great-grandmother Rose Daniels • What I Know to Date

My Great-great-grandmother Rose Daniels was Navajo. This was hidden from me for most of my life, so now, there are traits about me that make sense. How is that any different than an adopted child who wants to know their roots? I never sought out any type of compensation from the Navajo Nation. That isn’t what it means to me.

What I Know About Rose Daniels

Of course, the Navajo Nation has a current policy of 4th generation Navajo or more plus the papers to prove the bloodline and I am 5th generation. So, according to the Navajo Nation, I am not Navajo, but to me, I am because I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me who I am.

My Great-great-grandmother Rose Daniels

Rose Daniels

For instance, since I was a young child, I found it ridiculous that the Europeans claimed to discover the mountains and name them. I wanted to know what their name was before which was nearly impossible for me to do at that young age with no access to that type of information. Never-the-less, now I understand why that was important to me. I grew up loving moccasins – where did that come from?

Moreover, my spiritual awareness hasn’t been mainstream since I was a young adult. I grew up uncomfortable in my own skin and never knew where I belonged. Now that I pursue information about my NDN past, more things make sense in my life.

Navajo + Heinz 57 = ???

Furthermore, I want to know who I am and where I come from. That’s a part of me no one can take away. And, it is more of me than anything else because Rose Daniels was Navajo. The rest of me, according to my late mother, is “Heinz 57” 🤣🤣🤣.

If you don’t get it, that simply means a wide variety of ancestral backgrounds like the spices in the sauce and that was the way my mother avoided the subject. There was a time when I was offended that my mom didn’t tell me but I get it. She was protecting me and things were much different then.

4th Generation Policy

I understand why the Navajo have the 4th generation policy and that is because they are one of the largest nations and also one of the poorest. As a result, they have to set limits to take care of their people. But that’s OK with me because money has nothing to do with my belief system.

My Father Remembered Rose

My father, Frederick Aaron Daniels, remembered going to a trading event with her where she sold her blankets that she wove. He remembered her with great fondness. She may not have been a Indian Princess but she is a diamond in my heart forever. Interestingly enough, she was one of the last people my father and I spoke about before he passed. 🦅

So, do you see why I am inclined to seek out information about indigenous culture and why my heart is inclined to weep just a little more for the injustices that have been brought against them than the rest of the injustices in the world?

Here is a document that I was given by one of my cousins recently. This is really all I know at this point in time.

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