Quotes of Motivation eCards

Select a Motivational eCard below, fill in the form and send it to someone who needs your encouragement and support. You never know how far-reaching a single act of random kindness will go towards making the world and your immediate environment better place to live.

We all need motivation in our lives – each and every day. So, why not send a Motivational eCard to someone you know needs it? Remember, when you give, the energy of the Universe brings it back to you in increasing measure.

♦  Select an eCard below by selecting the radio button below the image you want to send.

♦  Scroll down until you see the form.

 Fill in your name, email address, and your friend’s email address.

♦  Schedule your eCard for delivery by filling in the date and time.

 Enter your personal message.

 You also have an option to send a copy to yourself.

♦  Select “Send eCard” and you’re done!

Added Bonus: Select an eCard to open it in a light box and share it to your favorite social media site. [ecard]

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