Mother Earth does not need humans to survive

Mother Earth is Kind to Us

Mother Earth is patiently waiting for us to stop destroying each other and in the process, the home on which we live. We, in the United States, are not the only country that has widespread disparagement of seemingly opposing religions. The travesty of violence against the country’s long-persecuted Rohingya Muslims by the Buddhists of Myanmar is an example in a long list that stretches across millenniums.

Take Action

If religious, political, and business leaders of the world don’t stop the use of common people as political agendas to promote their personal wealth, the earth will surely be destroyed. If the common people don’t get smart and take individual and group action, then we dance the dance with the politicians, religious leaders and big business in the destruction of mother earth.

Foriza Begum holds a fan to shield her son Yosar Hossein, 7, and daughter Noyem Fatima, 2, on their way to a Bangladesh army run processing centre. Photo: API

Mother Earth does not need humans to survive. She will live on without us. The religions of the world must begin to focus on their commonalities rather than their differences. Otherwise, human beings are history. And, those who do nothing to stop this destructive behavior are guilty as those who directly contribute to it.

The Great Spirits Weep

Those who think Jesus or Muhammad or Buddha or whoever is going to save us from this fate are wrong. Rather the Great Spirits weep at the extremely poor choices we, as the human species, continue to make. We must accept responsibility for the thousands of years of wars and the more recent rapid destruction of Mother Earth.

Remember, we are all in this world together. NOT ‘fight and kill’ the way. NOT ‘pollute and waste’ the way. Together we light the way. 🔥

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