Loves Glance by Suhail Mirza

Loves Glance

by Suhail Mirza

We who seek still to clothe our lives in eternal verity
See so many who regard honour as no longer a necessity

In a world where shallowness is deified
Miraculous that even a few “old souls” have survived

To carry the torch of Truth and ignite its light
To be warriors in this last phase of the Divine fight

Love's Glance by Suhail Mirza

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For those whose suffering can seem ceaseless
In a world which Modernism teaches is pitiless

Must be reminded of their beautiful self worth
Each and every one Heaven’s Viceregent on Earth

For every soul perennially deserves the chance
To be bathed in the beauty of Love’s eternal glance

– By Suhail Mirza

In this beautifully written book, by Suhail Mirza, acclaimed mystical writer and Founder of Spiritual Solutions, you will learn:

How to move from a place of meaninglessness and your own “dark night of the soul” to one of joyous purposefulness through unveiling the Light within your heart.

  • That it never is too late to begin to make this transformation provided you are prepared to be self-authentic and courageous enough to shed the veils of deceit within and around you.
  • How leading with your Light you make Love and Truth the foundations of all your relationships and most importantly the one with your true self.

“Many Mansions” unveils the timelessness of Traditional Wisdom, through Suhail’s inimitable heartfelt writing, and shares 10 key steps that will allow you to also undertake the path of knowledge, path of action and path of love; leading to a rediscovery of who we truly are, our place in Creation and how we are each uniquely brave as well as beautiful enough to deserve bountiful joy.

Many Mansions by Suhail Mirza
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