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Welcome to this collection of spring and summer quotes. I absolutely love flowers and having been born and raised in Oregon, I naturally love all the seasons. I’ve lived as far north as Fairbanks and as far south as Alabama. I’ve also lived as far east as Washington DC and as far west as Anchorage.

However, I prefer my temperate Oregon. Plus, I think spring and summer are still my favorite times of the year. But, Eastern Oregon is the best for the Winter months because they get nice, snowman-making-snow. In Western Oregon, not so much – more rain than snow.

I love growing flowers and I love tending to them. Talking to plants and feeling their response is a wonderfully relaxing experience. It’s also a form of nurturing and everyone needs something to nurture, especially when times are isolating.

Spring & Summer Quote & eCard Shareables

I am descended from Oregon Trail Pioneers, farmers, and gardeners. In fact, one summer, I won a 4-H blue ribbon from the Oregon State Fair when I was 8 years old for my garden produce. But, we didn’t just grow vegetables. We also had lots of beautiful flowers growing all around us. Of course, summer is the best for flowers of many types and varieties.

The beautiful effect of all the kaleidoscopes of colors of flowers around the world on human nature is profound. Yet, many never take the time to enjoy this simple practice of loving for these cheerful gifts from Mother Earth. Even one pot on a patio of bright, colorful flowers can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Remember, our intimate environments are important in so many healthy ways.

So! Here are some spring and summer quotes with beautiful backgrounds. I think flowers and freshness put us in a good frame of mind to listen and learn. In fact, you can read and learn more about flower power essence for depression relief here.

Springtime & Summertime Flower Shareables & eCards

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