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Wonderful Poems About Love

The poems about love that Suhail writes fills me with hope and the real purpose of life which is love first and beyond all else. Each day for the past several months, I wake up each morning to a new poem by Suhail Mirza.

Wisdom is found in each line of poetry which Suhail carefully writes with great mindfulness and forethought. I shall continue to read each morning or sometimes several in one morning when I get busy with other things. But, I always have these to come to for a nice respite from the day.

Wonderful Poems About Love

Love Poems by Suhail Mirza

I have so much respect for those who write. Especially those who write and give so much so freely to others. Such a person is Suhail. I would like to share just a few of his books with you this lovely autumn day. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Recommended Reading by Suhail Mirza

Many Mansions by Suhail Mirza

It is thought by many that Suhail is a modern day Rumi, and I agree. In this collection of poetry he takes us on a journey to a secret garden where Divine Masculine and Feminine rejoice together in the flames of their love.

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