Need to Escape? Treat Yourself to a Virtual Trip to Santorini, Greece

Take a Virtual Trip to Santorini, Greece

Have you ever taken a virtual trip? Wow. You’re in for a treat. My friend Patricia Roller has some great downloads on her website for relaxing and getting away. I keep humorously thinking about the 70s phrase “take a trip and never leave the farm”, but seriously, I downloaded the Santorini, Greece Virtual Vacation, and LOVE IT!!!

So, I close my eyes and Patricia guides me through a trip to this wonderfully relaxing and serene space on Mother Earth and I do it all from the comfort of my living room! What could possibly be nicer?

Visit her site now to see what might interest you.


Social Media as an Escape Route

Through the medium of social media and our online presence, we are able to spiritually band together around the world holding and touching each other through our thoughts and emotions. Just as each of us sends our healing energies out, we receive them back and this is how we heal ourselves, each other, and the world. So, bless social media. I keep asking myself, “where would we be without social media during this pandemic?”

However, I must interject that I’ve been avoiding social media lately because of the news of the pandemic. It was getting to me in a very negative way and I had to drop out as much as possible for a few weeks. I kept thinking about one of Marian Williamson’s recent broadcasts, she said she asks herself why she is listening to something and if she really needs this information.

As I felt myself sinking into depression, I thought about it and decided to apply it to my life. I’m so happy to report that it really worked. I’m feeling much better and getting more productive every day. Now, I’m simply more selective about what I view online.

Get on and Get off Quickly

Additionally, I perform my tasks on social media and get off. If I want to watch the news, I turn on the TV and get the live streaming channel going. The actual news channels tend to be less emotional and stick more to the facts.

The thing is, on social media, especially Facebook, things tend to be very emotionally charged. Even amateur marketers know that emotions sell products and causes. I can get on Facebook and be in tears in less than three minutes. So, I don’t see the sense in subjecting myself to that any more than is necessary.

I hope you’re doing well, staying home and staying safe. That’s what I’m doing and so far, Oregon is doing well overall with this pandemic. My advice is to remember to stay connected on social media while doing whatever it takes to keep yourself safe from the virus.

Use Your Devices to Stay in Touch With Your Loved Ones

Also, use your devices to stay in touch with your family. Use Facebook Messenger for live face-to-face chats or if you have IOS, you can use FaceTime. There is a number of apps people can use to stay in touch.

I am slow to get to this level of device usage but this era of chaos is forcing me to get on board. My daughter and grandsons use FaceTime so because I’m separated from my youngest grandson for the last month, I finally relented and changed over to an iPhone.Now, learning FaceTime is my next techno hurdle. 😎

Now is also a great time for walking around your home, burning sage, and wishing the Universe well with harm to none. Use this time to listen to healing music and meditate in whatever form that takes for you. Or, maybe it’s more your style to burn a candle in honor of all those who are suffering.

Whatever you do, let’s all remember that we are not alone. Rather, we are all in this world together. Namaste!

Warmly, Susan

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Neat Little Things for Relaxing At Home:

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