4 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oils

We’ve all heard the song “We three men from Orient come.” What were they carrying but Frankincense and Myrrh! So, why was this so important in ancient times, and what are the benefits of Myrrh Essential Oils in today’s modern world?

To begin to answer these questions, let’s start with the source of this essence! Myrrh is the dried sap from a thorny tree known as Commiphora myrrha. It is of reddish-brown color and the tree is native to southwest Asia and northeastern Africa.

Learning the Many Benefits of Myrrh Essential Oil

In order to extract the essential oil from the sap, a steam distillation process is used to produce this marvelous and useful oil. After distillation, the essential oil is amber-brown in color and has a musky, earthy fragrance to it.

This essential oil of myrrh has been used in Ayurvedic medicine and ancient Chinese medicine for literally thousands of years. Now researchers are testing the potential use of this oil for treating infections, skin sores, and arthritic pain.

Listed below are four reasons to incorporate this oil into your daily routine for the wonderful benefits that you may derive.

① Kills Harmful and Infectious Bacteria

You will find this oil’s use in ancient Egypt, where myrrh and several other essential oils were in use for embalming mummies. These oils not only reduce the rate of decay but also provide a nice fragrance.

In Regard to Myrrh and Frankincense Essential Oils in Use Together…

Because of its antimicrobial properties, another centuries-long use of myrrh was to treat oral inflammation and infections. In fact, today, many natural types of toothpaste and mouthwashes containing myrrh oil have received FDA approval.


Patients of Behcet’s disease, which is an inflammatory disorder, use a mouthwash containing myrrh oil to treat the painful mouth ulcers, which leads to relief in pain and healing of mouth ulcers.

Enjoy the benefits of the natural ingredients, Myrrh & Clove oil, used traditionally through the ages to maintain healthy teeth & gums. Fortified with Zinc & Folic Acid, known to promote oral health.

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Mouthwash with myrrh oil also helps in treating gingivitis, a gum disease that leads to inflammation of gums due to plaque buildup around teeth.

③ Myrrh Essential Oils are Great for Healthy Skin

In ancient times, myrrh oil was used to treat skin infections and wounds. But, in modern days, scientists are researching these applications. In fact, one study shows that a blend of essential oils with myrrh on human cells helps in healing wounds.


Myrrh essential oil along with other oils, if you use it in the bath, helps to treat skin wounds of new mothers who give birth through vaginal deliveries. Thankfully, when you use it in combination with sandalwood oil, myrrh oil is amazingly effective in killing bacteria that cause infections in skin wounds.

You will also find many products such as natural soaps and ointments that contain Myrrh oil. Why not use these for your general skin health?

④ Myrrh Eases Swelling and Pain

Different pains such as joint pain, headaches, back pain are common complaints in every household. Myrrh oil has a compound that reacts with opioid receptors and signals the brain that there is no pain. How interesting is that?

This oil also reduces the release of inflammatory chemicals that are the main reasons behind inflammation and pain. You can also purchase myrrh essential oil in the form of rubbing oil and then rub it directly on the affected body part. However, be sure to test any topical product on a small patch of skin first.

Chart that shows Topical application of Essential Oils
Chart that shows topical application of Essential Oils

With that being said, these are some of the key benefits of myrrh essential oils. But before using any such oil as an alternative treatment, we recommend that you continue to do your research and consult with your health professional. Want to know more about these and other essential oils? Then, stay tuned with us as together we light the way! 🔥

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