Is Your Smile the Magic Stimulus to Feel Great Instantly?

Your smile may be more valuable to your happiness than you think. We all want our issue of happiness, otherwise, why get up in the morning? But, so much comes at us on social media and in books about “positive thinking” with people telling you to “make it a great day!” So much so, that sometimes I actually feel a little guilty if I don’t feel completely happy. But, I see that as a warning signal that it’s time to step back and switch up what I’m doing. So, what is the magic stimulus to feel great instantly?

Interestingly, there is a recent study that took place in the UK. In this study, electromagnetic brain scans and heart-rate monitors generated “mood-boosting values”. To achieve this, the participants were asked to do a number of activities in which the researchers were able to measure how “happy” the activities made them.

Out of all the activities, one stands out consistently and overwhelmingly. In fact, the study proves that it is as stimulating as 2,000 chocolate bars or suddenly receiving $25,000. Although it’s a little hard to believe, the answer is your smile. Isn’t that amazing?


Your Smile Makes the Good Feelings Flow

Another study in 2009 from the Technische Universitat, Munich, shows that the brain activates its happiness circuits when you smile, no matter how you’re currently feeling. This gives a whole new meaning to the old saying, “fake it til you make it” – doesn’t it? Now, that saying actually has scientific evidence to back it up. So, not really a “magic stimulus” but it’s a nice thought. 🔮

So, when you’re feeling a little down, go ahead and smile your biggest smile possible and get ready for that magic stimulus to kick in.

Can Your Smile Increase Your Longevity of Life?

In a recent study, researchers at Wayne State University used baseball cards to do a smile analysis of 230 Major League Baseball players from the year 1952. As they analyzed the player’s smiles, they categorized them as follows:

  • No smile
  • Partial smile
  • Duchene smile

Interestingly, the Duchene smile is named after a 19th-century French neurologist and is defined as a spontaneous, authentic expression of happiness. But, what is really interesting is their findings show those players with the Duchene smile are likely to live longer than those in the other categories. #Fascinating

Here’s to Your Happiness!

Here’s to your happiness and your beautiful smile. May it always glow brightly! Be sure to look below for more links to great info that’s sure to make you smile. Namaste my friend!

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