6th Chakra • Indigo Symbolic Color of Spirituality • Third Eye Chakra • Anja

Indigo symbolic color of spirituality combines blue and violet to get its mysterious, deep hue to represent the 6th Chakra. The blue in indigo assists us in our meditations and communications while the violet enhances our intuition and higher thought processes. Our personal reflections are governed by indigo as are our insights into ourselves and others. As a result, this color sends us inward for deep thoughts and mindfulness.

Ajna, Agya or Brow or third eye chakra, is the sixth primary chakra in the body. It is part of the brain that strengthens and grows stronger when you include meditation, yoga, and other spiritual practices. It also signifies the direct link to the Brahman and the subconscious mind. Of course, we know that out two eyes see the physical world, but the third eye sees the spiritual world and brings insight about the future.

Third Eye • Indigo • 6th Chakra • Brow Chakra • Ajna

Third Eye • Indigo • 6th Chakra • Brow Chakra • Ajna
6th Chakra • Indigo Symbolic Color of Spirituality • Third Eye Chakra

Indigo is the color of the Third Eye Chakra. When you need to see beyond your immediate reality, indigo helps you reach deep meditation and increases your awareness.

Indigo color energy is one of great change. It lets you change the energies of lower chakras into higher spiritual vibrations. If you go through this take caution to remain grounded and connected to life on earth and your family and friends.

Indigo and the third eye chakra allows you to recognize patterns so that you are aware of your own actions past and present. This knowledge naturally allows you to live in the present peacefully.

Sacred Spaces in Your Home

Use indigo in your sacred spaces. The indigo symbolic color strongly associates with the pineal gland which is located in our brains. Add to that little fact, the pineal gland links to our nervous systems, mental abilities, and psychic abilities.

It is also interesting that Edgar Cayce’s readings state that the pineal gland is where thought patterns begin. Thus, the phrase, “out of the blue”! This phrase essentially means that the dark color of indigo stimulates thoughts and creativity which suddenly manifest in the pineal gland.

As mentioned before, indigo is great for inducing deep meditation and spiritual awareness. Decorate your spiritual space with indigo and enjoy the benefits of deep relaxation and insight into your deepest thoughts.

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The 6th Chakra Meanings and Symbolism

Two lotus petals blossoming symbolically represents this Chakra. These blossoming petals portray two worlds. First, one petal represents the physical world, and the other petal represents the spiritual world. Next, the inside triangle points downward to symbolize creative energy.

Interestingly, the Sanskrit symbol for the 6th Chakra is “OM” which many consider to be a Universal mantra! In addition, the color designation is the mysterious deep indigo blue. The spiritual meaning of the name of the Chakra , “Anja” interprets as the lotus that bestows knowledge.

Burning Candles for Third Eye Healing

The Precious Crystals for Third Eye Healing

There are many different stones with healing effects with which to work. Some of these stones include: Amethyst, Moldavite, Purple Fluorite, and Black Obsidian. To balance the third eye, use techniques such as yoga, balanced diet, and meditation but also incorporate the healing crystals into your routine. Then, wear the crystal around your neck or place it on the area of your Third Eye while you meditate to achieve balance.



Purple Fluorite

Black Obsidian

Bonus: A Healing Exercise to Perform for the 6th Chakra

To take full advantage of balancing the 6th Chakra, let go of the trauma of your environment and teach yourself to stay grounded in the now. Here’s a simple exercise anyone can perform.

Sitting quietly in a comfortable position, first, while breathing deeply, place your middle finger on the bridge of your nose and softly move your finger up a few inches. While doing this, either quietly in your mind or out loud, say “I invite my sight.” Or, if this doesn’t feel right, please use a phrase that is comfortable to you.

6th Chakra • Third Eye • Guided Meditation

If you have an imbalance in the throat chakra you might experience some of these symptoms: arthritis in the shoulders, ear aches, sore throat, and teeth issues.

If your throat chakra is in balance it’s easy for you to communicate with the world. You are also creative and helpful to others. Moreover, you are most likely quite confident and go after what you want and usually get it. However, it’s also easy for you to humbly admit to your own character failings. Overall, you are free to express your truths whenever the occasion calls for it.

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