7 Techniques & Tips on How to Strive for Balance

Learning to strive for balance is a well-advised pursuit as the world becomes more complex with each new traumatic event around the world.

Especially on social media, we are exposed to so much negativity on a daily basis. So, how do we find balance? Good question, isn’t it?

7 Tips to Strive for Daily Balance

I believe the answer is different for each individual. But I also suggest that there are common threads of activities that are beneficial. Keep in mind that less is more and don’t overwhelm yourself with sudden changes in your daily routine.

Instead, make little changes over a period of time. Then, simply fine-tune those changes to fit your circumstances. Remember, this is your strive for balance and no one is going to grade your efforts – except you.

“There is a fine line between multi-tasking and being completely fragmented.”

— Susan Daniels
7 Tips to Help You Find Daily Balance

Unfortunately, I experienced burn out three times on the JOB over the last 40 years. So, I get to be a living example that balance is crucial to a healthy life. Interestingly, I had no idea suffered from burn out until my therapist patiently explained it to me. So, I know now and I take it very seriously.

The ironic thing for me is that during these burnouts, I simply did not have the knowledge to recognize my symptoms as a burnout. I only knew that I felt miserable and could-not-cope.

Every day I got up and felt like giving up before the sun was up. This is a good example of why I am so compelled to write about my experiences so that others learn and avoid these harsh and unforgiving mental traps.

A well-balanced person has a far greater ability to focus their attention and energy on attaining their goals, taking productive actions and moving forward in a meaningful way.

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Steps to Strive for Balance

Yes, I work on the weekends because I work through social media. But, I work less and do more things to relax and enjoy myself. Also, I don’t worry about taking days off when I feel a need. But, enough about me.

The point is, thinking in terms of daily balance is a new experience for most of us. It’s also worth noting that making lifestyle changes is something that works best over time. By that, I mean, take baby steps.

It’s very easy for most of us to get so excited about a new routine. We plan it all out. Then, we buy the right equipment such as incense, or meditation mats, or whatever. After that, we never get around to doing it. Right? We’ve all done that. So, take your time and incorporate new routines in small doses.

Remember, we’re dealing with trauma so we don’t want to draw out more trauma by forcing ourselves into too many changes at one time. Therefore, continue to think #Balance!

I can’t emphasize enough the ease of most techniques for balance that I write about. I strive to keep things simple and low-cost so that everyone gets a chance to relax and feel better. Below is a brief outline of how I manage most of my days.

1 • Meditation

You’ll get tired of me talking about meditation, that is until you try it. 💡 Then, you will understand completely. With so many various types of meditation freely taught in today’s world, you’re sure to find one or more types of meditation that suit your lifestyle.

2 • Daily Dose of Sunshine

We all know we feel better when the sun is shining, but how does that happen? It happens when exposure to sunlight increases the release of serotonin in the brain which makes the sun a natural antidepressant. It doesn’t get any better than that!

3 • Healthy Diets Make a Huge Difference

Some of you already know that I lost 75 pounds over the last 2 years on a Paleo diet. I suffered for years from gluten and dairy intolerance without a clue that they were the reason for my morning mood swings.

Find what works for your body and stick to it. Low carbs and high protein are what keep the pounds off for me.

4 • Take Time for a Daily Morning Walks or Runs

If we neglect our bodies, they will neglect us. Morning walks and yoga stretches are what I prefer and they lift my spirits with the fresh air and increased ions from the air around me.

Below, you will find a chart of simple yoga exercises to start your day right. Feel free to download it, print it out and stick on a wall or put it in a notebook.

5 • Daily Routines are Important

For those of us who experienced trauma during our lifetime, daily routines give a level of comfort and security in our minds. But, don’t get too rigid with your routine. Leave room for surprises and learn techniques to roll with sudden changes.

6 • Set a Reasonable Limit on Your Hours of Work

Thank goodness we don’t all have jobs that require any more than eight hours per day. JOB burn out is no laughing matter. Set your own limits, be flexible, and strive for balance.

7 • Listen to Your Body

Most importantly, let’s all resolve to listen to our bodies, be mindful of our behaviors and know when enough is enough.

We all need lessons in being gentle and kind to ourselves, especially when we’ve suffered from those who do not extend those kindnesses. Striving for balance in our daily activities will help us feel better, love better, and heal better. Together we light the way. 🔥

Basic Yoga Poses & Stretches

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