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This meditation music is so effective! I’ve been sitting here working online while this video is playing and at the same time, I’m sitting underneath my wonderful OttLite floor lamp. So pleased to report that the combination is sweet. Between the two, I am completely relaxed and the creativity is flowing. It actually reminds me of a phrase, “too blessed to be stressed”!

The Sanskrit name for the Heart Chakra is Anahata and it is represented by a lotus with 12 petals. This Chakra is also the energy bridge connecting the lower chakras and the upper chakras.

How Green Affects Human Behavior

Green is a combination of blue and yellow and is soothing yet stimulating enough to produce an emotional lift. Moreover, green is the predominant color of Mother Nature so it is associated with growth, process, and the beginning of life itself. Conversely, because of it’s social association with money and good luck it can also produce envy, i.e., the phrase, “green with envy”.

How to Open the Heart Chakra

Many teachers have different methods but here is a simple exercise to gift to you.

  • Sit cross-legged.
  • Let the tips of your index finger and thumb touch.
  • Put your left hand on your left knee and your right hand in front of the lower part of your breastbone (so a bit above the solar plexus).
  • Concentrate on the area of the spine that is level with the heart.
  • Chant the sound YAM.

A Tip o’ the Hat to Eclectic Energies.

Chakra 4

The Heart Chakra Crystals

These crystals are used for the treatment of emotional balance, and overall well-being. You can use them for grids, meditation, reiki healing, or to decorate the spiritual center in your home. Slipping them into your pocket is a great way to use them as a palm crystal. Below are three different types of heart chakra crystals chosen to assist you in your heart chakra opening and healing practices.

Heart Chakra Green Fluorite Carved Puff Heart Pocket Stones
Heart Chakra Green Fluorite Carved Puff Heart Pocket Stones
Jade Heart Chakra Healing Stones
Jade Heart Chakra Healing Stones

Progress is Found in Mindfulness

Continued mindfulness exercises such as this meditation music are the cornerstone of progress. you will find that find that daily meditation in whatever form that may take is the base from where you create your days in a positive fashion. You will also find that pure and true strength is found in the most relaxing of moments.

Accessories for Heart Chakra Meditation

Heart Chakra Incense
Heart Chakra Anahata Incense

Move Into a Creative State of Mind

When listening to this heart chakra music, it moves you into a slow, creative state-of-mind. This energy gently nudges you away from draining competitive tasks until you feel a positive flow of energy that takes you with it.

As you continue to learn, resistance to the flow is what causes you to feel like there is a force to do something you don’t want to do. When the flow is strong around you or perhaps you’re more aware, then the ordinary tasks become irritable and you feel a strong pull to follow a different path of action.

Healing Heart Music Sleep Chakra

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Bonus: Heart Chakra Positive Affirmation

Heart Chakra Kindness Quote

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