Heart Chakra Meditation Music

This heart chakra music is amazing! While listening, I became so calm, I felt like I needed to sleep. I’ve listened to this video for the past hour so it’s going to be hard for me to wake up enough to write an introduction. 👀

Feed Your Heart Chakra

What Heart Chakra Music Does

Well, I’ve been sitting here working online while this video is playing and at the same time, I’m sitting underneath my wonderful OttLite floor lamp. So pleased to report that the combination is sweet.

Move Into a Creative State of Mind

While listening to this heart chakra music, I moved into a slow, creative state-of-mind. This energy gently nudged me away from a competitive task that was draining me until I moved to a more creative task. I feel guided by a positive flow of energy that requires me to flow with it.

 “Sometimes the best energy is no energy at all.” — Susan Daniels

As I continue to learn, resistance to the flow is what causes me to feel like there is a force to do something I don’t want to do. When the flow is strong around me or perhaps I’m more aware, then the ordinary tasks become irritable and I feel a strong pull to follow a different path of action.

The Cornerstone of Progress

Continued mindfulness exercises such as this heart chakra music are the cornerstone of my progress. I find that daily meditation in whatever form that may take is the base from where I create my days in a positive fashion.

“True strength is found in the most relaxing of moments.” Susan Daniels

🚩 I hope you enjoy this heart chakra music video as much as I am. Please note that I have no rights over this video whatsoever and it is for information and educational purposes only. Credit is given below to the creators of this video. Thank you!

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