Happy Birthday to Me β€’ My Favorite Quotes for 2020

For the past year, when I come across a quote that really grabs me in some way, I put it in a pending folder. Once in a while, I go back and check which is why it caught my attention yesterday. Then, the though came to me about what better way to celebrate my birthday than with a few of my favorite quotes from the past year.

So, here they are and I will also put up a page for them to be part of the eCard collections on this site. It took a long time to get the eCard function to work properly and, I might add, a lot of patience on my part. Thanks to an great WordPress Back End Developer, Karam Singh, they now work perfectly for the first time. Yeah! πŸŽ‰

Happy Birthday to Me

You see, it’s been one of my dreams since I first started by first website 18 years ago to have a site with eCards. I feel like this is still just the beginning because it’s growing and morphing constantly along with the technology behind them. Again, big shout out to Karam Singh for getting the eCards working on both the desktop version and the mobile! If you need someone to help you with your site, click on the links below.

βŽ† Karam Singh: LinkedIn

βŽ† Karam Singh: UpWork

I hope you enjoy these quotes but I don’t know what category to put them in such as encouraging, summer love, motivational, etc. Perhaps I will make a category titled β€œFavorites.” Either way, your feedback is always welcome. The thing about quotes and turning them into images is that it’s something that everyone can enjoy. Hopefully, my graphics are enjoyable and complement the quote – that is the goal I strive towards. Of course, the biggest part of it is getting inspiration when you need it along your journey. That’s what quotes are all about.

Now, here are my favorite quotes.

Enjoy my friends!

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