Control Your Thoughts with Patricia Roller V.2

Welcome to this video by Patricia Roller in which she gives great information to learn how to control your thoughts. This is the second of a weekly series of videos in which Patricia teaches us the right ways to manifest our every dream into being.

Learn to control your thoughts so that you are better able to manifest your dreams and hopes! Patricia makes it easy for us with her wisdom, experience, and education. I, for one, feel so blessed to have her in my corner. I believe you will too.

Control Your Thoughts with Patricia Roller

Patricia’s lengthy experience within the realm of spirituality, metaphysics, her ministries, and manifesting has taken her down many paths throughout her life.

Now, she shares her truth, wisdom, and knowledge with us through her ministry, and more recently through these videos. Lucky us!

Once you understand how your mind works and why you can control your thoughts. Once you control your thoughts you can manifest more easily! The Buddhist practice of thinking…will release you.

Patricia Roller

You may also visit Patricia on her website at: Balanced Manifesting.

Return to this blog weekly to enjoy the latest video about manifesting from Patricia Roller. Or, visit her on YouTube Balanced Manifesting where you will find the entire series!


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