Friendship Quotes eCards • Select and Send to a Friend Today

Friendship quotes are my most recent campaign across social media. Friendships come in so many different forms, shapes, and sizes. It might be a childhood friend, a lifelong companion, or a treasured pet. Sometimes it’s someone you just met and then become fast friends which is a small miracle in itself when you think about it.

When is the last time you sent an eCard to a special friend simply to show them that you care? Now is a great time to do that. Brighten someone’s day with an eCard that you add your own personalized message to before sending. What is nicer or easier to show someone you care? Go ahead and send a friendship eCard to someone you care about now.

♦  Select an eCard below by selecting the radio button below the image you want to send.
♦  Scroll down until you see the form.
♦  Fill in your name, email address, and your friend’s email address.
♦  Schedule your eCard for delivery by filling in the date and time.
♦  Enter your personal message.
♦  You also have an option to send a copy to yourself.
♦  Select “Send eCard” and you’re done!

Added Bonus: Select an eCard to open it in a light box and share it to your favorite social media site.