Forced Deportation Trauma

Deportation is a breeding ground for Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome on many levels. Deportation of immigrants is a horrible business. It’s cruel and unjust in every way but it’s legal because of the current written laws. While it may be legal, I believe it is morally incorrect. I want no more forced deportation of American citizens or what I refer to as ‘Citizens-in-Waiting.’

Forced Deportation Causes Trauma

Desperate for a Better Lifestyle

When people come into this country illegally, they don’t do it because they want to get away with something illegal. That’s absurd. They do it because they are under extreme duress in their current living situation. They are desperately searching for a better lifestyle for their families.

“Immigration related trauma has many faces. Complex cultural, political and social issues arise when people choose or are forced to leave their country of origin. Particularly vulnerable and often overlooked, are the citizen children of illegal immigrants. These children are pejoratively referred to as anchor babies, and their circumstances are complicated.

Parents immigrate to North America, oftentimes seeking refuge from persecution, poverty and corruption. After working and living in what can sometimes be years, families grow and children are born. In today’s volatile political economy, problems with the immigration system can occur and these parents are often denied the ability to remain permanent residents; they are forced to leave.

Their children, U.S. or Canadian citizens by birth, are subsequently denied their birthright and, because of the deportation of their parents, are robbed of the benefits that other citizens receive.” VIA The Traumatic Effects of Forced Deportations on Families

How Can This Happen?

I grew up with the belief that this country stood for the pursuit of happiness for all – it doesn’t say “only for rich people” anywhere in the constitution but that’s what this country has become. Something I’ve observed many times is that rich people often don’t see poor people as humans. They don’t think that poor people have the same needs, emotions, or intelligence as the rich.

As a middle-class woman who found herself in a homeless situation a few years back, I got to experience first hand this behavior towards poor citizens. It’s a real thing. It seriously opened my eyes about many levels of overt emotionally abusive treatment by the public towards poor people.

The mainstream public don’t want to look at them. They want them to “just go somewhere else.” Yet, there is nowhere else for them to go. These are, in my opinion, the behaviors of an autocratic, narcissistic society that has run riot in this country for far too long.

And, this sick behavior is illuminated with the current deportation activities taking place in this country. I think every ‘legal’ American citizen should bow their heads in shame at what they’ve allowed to happen. Again. No more forced deportation of American citizens!

Build a longer table, not a higher fence VIA 🌿

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