Flower Power Essence for Depression Relief

Has any slogan been more enduring in our baby-boomer culture than “Flower Power”? I still love this slogan! Moreover, flowers do have a strong, positive effect on living beings around them. Depressive and stressful feelings are as unique as snowflakes from person to person. I think you will find that every different scent of flower you test will be as unique as snowflakes, as well. Each has its own extraordinary qualities and its own singular set of “special effects”.

The Essence of Flower Power for Depression Relief

The Essence of Flower Power for Depression Relief

What is the Power of the Flower?

Flower power is a slogan used during the late 1960s and early 1970s as a symbol of passive resistance and non-violence ideology. Its roots are in the opposition movement to the Vietnam War. The expression, first used by the American beat poet Allen Ginsberg in 1965, means to transform war protests into peaceful affirmative spectacles. Hippies embrace the symbolism by dressing in clothing with embroidered flowers and vibrant colors, wearing flowers in their hair, and distributing flowers to the public, known as flower children.


Floral scents put us in good moods and it naturally follows that a better mood results in less anxiety. If you smell flowers before or during an exam, for example, your probability of receiving a high score increases. Also, when patients have flowers and greenery in their room, they are less anxious about surgery and need fewer post-operative pain relievers.

A little dab of lavender essential oil helps you through social anxiety and helps you sleep better at night. However, that’s only one of the ways flower essences melt away the mental blockages that cause stress.

Where Did Modern Flower Power Begin?

Let’s go back a few decades to the 1930s to the Bach Flower Remedies which are a system of healing made up of 38 healing plants which address the different states of mind. In 1930, at the age of 43, Bach decided to search for a new healing technique and he spent the Spring and Summer in the preparation and discovery of new flower remedies.

Edward Bach (24 September 1886 – 27 November 1936) was an English doctor, homeopath, bacteriologist and spiritual writer, best known for developing a range of remedies called the Bach flower remedies, a form of alternative medicine inspired by classical homeopathic traditions.


Essence of Flower for Relief of Depression

Chris Philips, the author of Treating Depression Naturally. uses knowledge from Dr. Edward Bach along with his own discoveries about how the essence of flowers improves mental health. How very, very cool is that?!? Perhaps you do not need pharmaceuticals if you turn to the essence of flowers for relief. Moreover, some believe that the essence of flowers helps improve the balance of spirit, mind, and body when used as part of a balanced treatment program. This is excellent news!

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