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Eternal Spirits is our category for spirituality. We believe that all spiritual paths lead to the light of eternal love and healing. We also know that when one person or group finds enlightenment, that same positive energy flows to all those around. So, progress comes from working together and helping each other grow as together we light the way. 

So, no matter how you choose to manifest your spirituality, you may be certain that it will grow and change with you as your awareness increases and your heart opens. This is a great example of the inherent human ability to adapt as lifelong learning continues.

Sub-categories are chakras, blessings & rituals, crystals, and healing music.

Solfeggio Frequencies of Healing Music Healing Music

Solfeggio Frequencies of Healing Music

Silver Gold Friendship Happy New Year Eternal Spirits

New Year’s Resolutions, Quotes, Hopes, & Dreams for 2020

Susan’s Ultimate Healing Music Video List Healing Music

Susan’s Ultimate Playlist of Healing Music Videos

Solfeggios; Science and History Healing Music

Solfeggios; Science and History

The Seven Chakras ChakrasColorsEternal Spirits

7 Chakras • Colors • Minerals • Chants

7th Chakra • Sahasrara • 🕉 Crown Chakra • Purple Chakras

7th Chakra • Crown Chakra • Sahasrara • Purple Color of Spirituality

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