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Greetings and welcome! Elegant content is what I strive to provide for my customers. I am a virtual assistant with a long history of high-level business office positions, however, now I work virtually from my home.

For the last ten years and in my business today, I post, pin, publish, create, engage, send, write, and market content for social media for both myself and others. This experience gives me highly-sought-after creative and technical abilities.

Here are my promises to you. There are no cookie-cutter clients in my world, therefore, each individual customer receives a unique end product that is exclusively designed or written only for them. 

When you hire me, you get years of experience to back your projects. Moreover, I’m committed to exceptional and creative types of content which include articles, internet content, advertisements, brochures, and publications. Additionally, you’ll find me dependable and able to meet high expectations for projects that are completed on time and within budget.

Noteworthy Competencies

o Exceptional ability to manifest ideas into words that effectively communicate to the right audience;

o Excellent listener and record-keeper which gives me the ability to meet your expectations;

o Outstanding creative thought processes that help overcome issues and come up with new ideas; and,

o Strong belief in customer service so that I communicate clearly and work with high-quality standards.

Projects I Love to Take On

o Blog Posts
o Copywriter — Editor — Image Search — Graphics Assets

o PowerPoint Presentations
o Design — Re-design — Animation — MP4 Videos

o Print Design 
o Brochures — Business Cards — Letterhead — Envelopes

o Social Media
Set Up Pages — Schedule Posts — Graphic Assets — Engagement

o WordPress
o Set up — Search Engine Optimization — Landing Pages — Social Media Optimization

Styled Graphics by Susan Social Media Assets

The pricing for social media assets is simple.

  • 30 Social Media Images: $30 for one post per day per month.
  • 60 Social Media Images: $60 for two posts per day per month. 
  • 90 Social Media Images: $90 for three posts per day per month.

Contact Susan today to get started today.

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Your Page is your business presence on Facebook so, treat it the same as if it’s a personal contact in a brick and mortar store because it’s essential to your business success that your potential clients get friendly, helpful and positive experiences on your Page.

If you want an elegant Facebook page, we can get started today. I will work with your business design to bring out the best features of your business on Facebook for the world to see.

After I set up your Page it’s easy to engage with your potential customers in the form of response, comments, and messages. You’ll also be able to see reviews from your customers and will use features like notifications and other tools built into the FB platform.

Another option is to hire me to do the engagement for you! Contact Susan today. Or, click on the image to go to Elegant Pages by Susan on Facebook.