Welcome! For the last ten years and in my business today, I write, post, pin, publish, and create elegant content for myself and others.

✪ ✪ ✪ Elegant Content by Susan

My History with Industry Standard Software

“Elegant Content” by Susan comes from my long history of desktop publishing which began in the 1980s with WordPerfect. Furthermore, does anyone remember Lotus 123 or the Lotus Suite? Bought that t-shirt too – I literally read manuals on the subjects! But, when the internet came along, I sold those manuals. Then, I continued to learn industry-standard software both on the job and through training seminars.

Along with that, I learned to produce architectural drawings in Micrographx and desktop publishing and record-keeping with the Microsoft products. Then, I spent the next three decades making it my business to stay on top of the latest versions of Microsoft Office and other industry-standard software applications.

Elegant Content by Susan

As the Adobe products came to the forefront, I used Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat. I currently keep the latest versions of the Adobe products operational on my system and have them available for use in tasks such as image resizing, a background for a presentation, or a business document template.

In the past, I’ve built and edited professional websites for government agencies. That includes Microsoft SharePoint as a governmental shared platform for employees and Adobe DreamWeaver for HTML websites. However, now, and for the past nine years, I work exclusively with WordPress Content Management Systems for hosted websites. I am a front end developer with some serious CSS styling skills.

My Job is to Make You Look Good

Throughout my 8 – 5 career I produced business documents and record-keeping strategies that demanded a wide variety of skills. That’s why I became known as the one who makes my team “look good”.

So, the point is, not only do I author creative articles in Plain English style for the best comprehension and readability but with my elegant content style, I also make you and your business look visually professional.

When we work together you receive an excellent end product designed and written exclusively for you. You may also expect that your projects will be on time and within budget.

Project Possibilities

I specialize in writing and editing for the topics of health, wellness, spirituality, and interior design. However, this is in addition to a long list of projects I love to take on so keep reading to learn more.

✪  Blog Articles
Editor — Content Writer — SEO — Image Search — Research & Sources

  Social Media Marketing
Graphic Assets (Canva) — Engagement — Set Up Profiles — Schedule Posts

✪  Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
Design — Re-design — Animation — MP4 Videos

✪  Print Design in Microsoft Office and Canva
Brochures — Business Cards — Letterhead — Envelopes

✪  WordPress Hosted Websites
Installation and Setup — Design & Re-desig
n — Front End Development — Landing Pages — Banners — Social Media Optimization — Search Engine Optimization

Portfolio of Styled Graphics & Writing Examples

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