Why Elegant Content Guru?

As Elegant Content Guru, I make you “look good” through the content that you include in your meetings, your websites, or digital marketing. What’s more, I have decades of editorial and website design experience from which to derive the right solutions for your professional projects.

Editorial Design

Some think of editorial design as a subset of graphic design. However, I think they go hand in hand as one can really not exist without the other.

The goal of editorial design is to make publications attractive,
visually interesting, and easy to read. Good editorial design is
cohesive, clear, and draws readers in.

Traditionally, however, it references the design of newspapers, magazines, and books. In our modern times, it also indicates designing for online publications of literally every shape and size.

Editorial design impacts how we understand written information. Interestingly, an editorial designer has many things to think about, from typography to layouts to graphics and illustrations.

When you work with me, you receive as an end product, a presentation that portrays your business in the best possible light.

Contact me if you need editing, design, layout, conversions, or formatting. There is no document or presentation too large or too small.

Together, we will work out a budget that meets your needs. All you have to do is ask!

Graphic Design

Graphic styling involves bringing premade graphics together in a cohesive design. This covers a wide variety of benefits for my clients.

I design with a purpose. It involves using creative systems  to achieve your expectations, with the use of images, symbols, and even words. It is visual communication and the aesthetic expression of concepts and ideas using various graphic elements and tools.

An ancient craft, graphic design dates to paintings on cave walls 17,000 years ago. However, the term “graphic design” was first coined in the printing industry of the 1920s. It covers a wide variety of types of designs including banners, logos, brochures, ebooks, book covers, presentations, posters, and more.

Every graphic design is for the end-user experience (UX) which involves listening to clients and using the assets such as the client’s website, logo, or images of an event. From these, a graphic designer must creatively visualize their client’s direction and produce their product.

For this to work well, graphic designers must also focus on and empathize with the mission of the business while creating a great-looking design for an incredible user experience.

✪ Editor and Writer
✪ Plagiarism-Free Content
✪ SEO Content
✪ Research and Sources
✪ Cover & Post Images

✪ Sales Brochures
✪ Training Manuals
✪ Full PDF Services
✪ Creative Cloud
✪ Microsoft 365
✪ Canva

✪ Story Line Writing
✪ Design or Re-Design
✪ Presenter Notes
✪ Master Slide Design
✪ Animation & Transitions
✪ MP4 Video
✪ Voice-over

✪ Installation and Setup
✪ Search Engine Optimize
✪ Social Media Optimize
✪ Elementor Page Builder
✪ Landing Pages
✪ Theme and Hosting Recommendations

Cover & Other Images Courtesy of CANVA!


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