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As a life-long aficionado and curator of quotes, it is a long-held ‘eCard Dream’ to add them to my website. I plan to create a wide variety that cover as many occasions as possible. The right quotes do a lot to keep me in daily balance.

Beautiful Lives Lakota Prayer

Since college, I don’t read books often. However, I read lots of quotes and magazine articles. Now I know this is a result of PTSS. Along with all other areas of my life, this continually improves. However, I still love quotes. What’s even better is that on this site, they are free to send. Make your selections above.

Why DO People Love Quotes ?

Here are some of the reasons I enjoy quotes.

🌀   They provoke thought.

🌀   Most carry a quick, powerful, stand-alone punch.

🌀   It doesn’t require a long time to deliver the message.

🌀   Quotes carry me from gloomy to hopeful in an instant.

🌀   Sent via email, they are a wonderful, fast, effective gift to show someone I care.

The Search for Relevant Quotes

If you love quotes as much as I do and use them regularly on social media, the search is sometimes difficult.

May your choices reflect your HOPES, not your fears. - Nelson Mandella

I usually go to GoodReads or BrainyQuotes to search for quotes. Both those sites have fabulous search engines! And, as for Brian Tracy, I simply like his quotes and hope you do as well.

Here is a list of my go-to sites to search for relevant quotes:

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