As a life-long curator of quotes, it is a long-held eCard dream of mine to add them to my website. I love quotes because the right one at the right time does a lot to bring me into balance or inspire me into action. That’s why I use quotes today and have for many years.

Out of all of the things that people have to say, what makes some phrases so powerful that they become favorites of many and often for hundreds and even thousands of years?

Why Do People Love Quotes?

For one thing, there is an appeal that lies in a good turn of a phrase! You will also find that quotes stick with you and in times of need, they sometimes pop up in your mind just like magic. But, that’s what happens when you think about your favorite quotes throughout your day.

So, make it a habit to grab a good motivational quote first thing in the morning. I promise you it will carry a subtle yet enduring positive influence throughout your day.

Here are a few reasons I believe people everywhere love quotes.

They provoke feelings and thought.

♦ Most carry a quick, powerful, stand-alone punch.

Quotes take us from gloomy to hopeful in an instant.

Sent via email, they are a wonderful, fast, effective gift to show someone you care.

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