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As a life-long aficionado and curator of quotes, it is a long-held ‘eCard Dream’ to add them to my website. The right quotes do a lot to keep me in daily balance. Please scroll to the bottom of this article for a list of eCards from which to choose!

Since college, I haven’t really done a lot of reading. However, I read lots of quotes and magazine articles. After all these years, I find out it’s because of the trauma I lived with each day. Along with all other areas of my life, this continually improves. However, I still love quotes. What’s even better is that on this site, they are free to send. Yeah!

Why DO People Love Quotes?

Here are some of the reasons I enjoy quotes.

🌀   They provoke thought.

🌀   Most carry a quick, powerful, stand-alone punch.

🌀   It doesn’t require a long time to deliver the message.

🌀   Quotes carry me from gloomy to hopeful in an instant.

🌀   Sent via email, they are a wonderful, fast, effective gift to show someone I care.

The Search for Relevant Quotes

If you love quotes as much as I do and use them regularly on social media, the search is sometimes difficult.

I usually go to GoodReads or BrainyQuotes to search for quotes. Both those sites have fabulous search engines! And, as for Brian Tracy, I simply like his quotes and hope you do as well.

Here is a list of my go-to sites to search for relevant quotes:

Headline for eCards by Susan

eCards by Susan

Summer Styled Graphics by Susan • Beautiful Lives by Susan

eCards by Susan Summer Styled Graphics 🌸 Send the warmth and cheer of the long summer days to somone you know. These are great for warm contacts, family and friends.

Styled Graphics by Susan for May 2018 • Beautiful Lives by Susan

eCards for May 2018. Gain your own inspiration and then share it with someone that you think will enjoy it. Be the one who makes other people smile and lift someone spirits today by sending a personalized eCard.

April '18 Styled Graphics by Susan | Beautiful Lives by Susan

eCards by Susan for April 2018. How many of your friends and family love to receive eCards? The answer is, everyone! Go ahead and make someone smile today. Send them a free eCard now.

Motivational eCards by Susan | Beautiful Lives by Susan

Motivational eCards by Susan. Send the gift of inspiration and motivation without leaving your desk. Convenience and comfort - that's what eCards are! It only takes a few seconds to lift someone's spirits. Send that special someone an eCard right now.

Women's History Month eCards | Beautiful Lives by Susan

eCards by Susan. Commemorate Women's History Month by sending the women on your list a motivational eCard. Encourage and uplift each other! Send an eCard today.

St. Patrick's Day Gallery | Beautiful Lives by Susan

eCards by Susan for St. Patrick's Day. Oh the festivities of St. Patrick's Day. Revive your spirits and wishes come true on this special day of the Irish. You don't have to be Irish to love St. Patrick's Day because it's celebrated the year round.

Valentine's Day eCards by Susan | Beautiful Lives by Susan

Valentine's Day eCards by Susan. When you send love, you receive love, or that's what we wish for anyway! 💝 Show someone special in your life that you care to share the warm of the Valentine's Day spirit. Send an eCard to someone you love today.

Cheerful Greets eCards by Susan | Beautiful Lives by Susan

Cheerful Greets eCards by Susan. Cheerful greet eCards are designed for cheer and warm feelings. We can all use a dose of cheer on a regular basis. If you know someone who needs cheering up today, go ahead and send them a nice eCard to brighten their day.

4th of July Freedom Quotes | Beautiful Lives by Susan

4th of July Freedom eCards. Quote about freedom on an eCard to your friends, family and co-workers. This is a wonderful way to show your love and respect for freedom on this special US holiday. Send a quote about freedom to someone you know today.

July '18 Styled Graphics by Susan | Beautiful Lives by Susan

Styled Graphics by Susan for July 2018. Common sense rains supreme with these eCards. Motivation and inspiration are running a close second place. Lift the spirits of your friends, family, and co-workers. Send an eCard now.

PTSS eCard Quotes by Susan • September 2018 | Beautiful Lives by Susan

Send PTSS Quotes via eCard. Show your empathy and support for someone you know who suffers from PTSS or has a family member that does. Everyone needs cheer, but especially those who have suffered trauma in this lives. Show you care. Send an eCard now.

Quotes of Inspiration eCards • Styled Graphics by Susan ·

Select an eCard, write a personal message and send it to someone you know. Check out these eCards styled especially for inspiration and motivation for success.

Friendship Quotes eCards • Styled Graphics by Susan ·

Friendship quotes is my most recent campaign across social media. Friendships comes in so many different forms, shapes, and sizes. It might be a childhood friend, a lifelong companion, or a treasured pet. Sometimes it’s someone you just met and then become fast friends which is a small miracle in itself when you think about it.

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