Downloadable Daily Balance Journals to Keep Your Stress Levels to a Minimum

Today while browsing through through a few random websites, something suddenly caught my attention. You see, I have thought processes that I go through regularly to keep myself in balance. It’s knowledge that I’ve picked up along the way from a friend, a book, a therapist, or life’s experiences.

But, the point is, I didn’t write it down. Then, this morning I saw an offer on a website for a journal of worksheets for mental health and after looking at them, I got one of those light bulb moments. 💡

I got busy on Canva and created these Daily Balance Journals for my readers. You have options on this post to download either the .jpg files in A4 size by saving as to your device that you see here in this post.

You may also click on any image to go to a download page to download PDF files in either A4 or 8.5 x 11.

Daily Balance Journals I

Learn to Walk Through Your Stress and Anxiety

So, here it is. Mental routines you can use daily to keep your stress levels to a minimum. These are in PDF format for downloading. Additionally, there is a link back to the Canva file for those who prefer to download from Canva. You don’t have to join to download the file.

It’s also a good option to join the basic free version to give yourself a chance to see how easy and how much fun it is to use Canva. But, you probably won’t stay with the free version for long. I didn’t. In fact, I went to premium early on. Why? Simply because it’s too easy and too much fun. I subscribe to Adobe Creative Suite but rarely use it anymore because Canva gives me such incredible results for my efforts. Creativity is an excellent stress reducer, by the way!

Now, back to how to get your free downloadable Daily Balance Journal. There will be more, so download, print, journal, send me your suggestions and come back later for more Daily Balance Journals from Beautiful Lives by Susan.

Your Daily Balance Journals for Triggers and Truths

One daily journal in this collection is to identify triggers and your responses to help reduce recurrences of anxieties. The second one is to look at how our stress blows things out of proportion and how to see the truth.

Identifying Techniques Daily Balance Journal A4
Identifying Triggers and Resolving Them

Focusing on the Truth Daily Balance Journal A4
Focusing on the Truth

To use these journals, find a quiet space to be alone with your thoughts and unwind. Take some deep breaths. You might even burn some incense. Then, sit down with pencil or pen and print out in hand and begin your journal. If you don’t have a quiet space set aside in your home for reflection or meditation, perhaps now is a good time to consider it.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or have a suggestion, please contact me right away. Also, visit our Facebook group to join and jive with kindred spirits and post your greetings and information. 🔥

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