diversity is the spice of life ecards

Celebrate diversity by sending a eCard to someone you care about. Spread awareness, promise, hope, and cheer. By banding our energies together we can lift ourselves to heal not only ourselves but also to heal all those around us.

As we go forward, let’s focus on our common grounds, rejoice in our diversities, and strive to live in peace with all living creatures of the earth.

It’s about spreading love and hope through awareness. 🙏Namaste.🙏

Warmly, Susan
🔥 Together we light the way

  1. 🌏 Select an eCard below by selecting the radio button below the image you want to send.
  2. 🌍 Scroll down until you see the form.
  3. 🌎 Fill in your name, email address, and your friend’s email address.
  4. 🌏 Schedule your eCard for delivery by filling in the date and time.
  5. 🌍 Enter your personal message.
  6. 🌎 You also have an option to send a copy to yourself.
  7. 🌏 Select “Send eCard” and you’re done!

BONUS: You may also share these eCards to social media. Simply click on the eCard and share the pop-up.


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