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Entwined in shamanism is the beauty of nature while perceiving humans and the earth as reflections of each other. In fact, for shamans, the earth represents life fully and completely. This is why early humans gave the honor of “living essence” to everything on earth both animate and inanimate. Fascinatingly, historians refer to this belief system as “animism”.

“Animism is the belief that all things, including the plant and mineral kingdoms, have a level of consciousness and is the most ancient philosophy.”

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Crystal Environments • Shamanism


Shamans consider certain areas of the earth to be sacred. In fact, you’ve probably heard or read about the earth’s energy lines. Interestingly, these sacred spaces emit high levels of energy or “life force”. In fact, in cultures in China they call the energy lines the earth’s “dragon paths”.

The history of shamanism is fascinating! Do you know it finds its origins in Siberia? It became the primary religion of many early civilizations as it spread throughout modern day Russia, the Slavic countries. It also found its way into the Scandinavian region. From there it migrated to the Americas and other continents as well. Amazingly, it’s still in practice among cultures around the world. Those cultures include the Aranta of central Australia, the Iban of Borneo, and the Native Americans.

From shamanism we get the custom of cleaning crystals by smudging them. Native Americans practice this custom to “empower” earth objects such as crystals by smudging them.

A shamans healing tool kit will always contain crystals because they are a key component of healing energies. As a matter of fact, shamans believe them to be the crystal tears of sky spirits.

As a part of their ceremony, Shamans in Northern Peru created a very unique “healing table” or “mesa” which divides into three sections. The central area is for balance and that’s where the crystal sits for rituals. Then, one side represents divine justice while the other side represents dark and evil magic.

“The Pachakuti Mesa is a personal alter used ceremonially to access spiritual forces and energies for the purposes of healing, the advancement of consciousness, and the restoration of balance on both individual and collective levels.”

Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa

The historical truth is, many formalized religions, from Buddhism to Christianity, came from ancient shamanic roots. What’s wonderful is that they still bear the shamanic threads of deep connection to the divine in all things.

A Few Shaman Tools

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Here’s to the Healing World of Crystals

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