We all show courage every day of our lives but rarely does anyone acknowledge these brave deeds. Sometimes it takes courage to merge onto a speeding freeway in rush hour traffic. Then again, sometimes it takes courage to admit when we’re wrong and give your apologies. Moreover, getting through the night with a sick baby is no small feat of courage for both you and your baby! Or, you might be a medical worker on the front lines.

Whatever the need for courage is in your life, remember that it’s something that can be shared. If you know someone who needs a little brightness in their day, send them an eCard to lighten their step and give them courage!

♦  Select an eCard below by selecting the radio button below the image you want to send.
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♦  Fill in your name, email address, and your friend’s email address.
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You can send eCards from the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to get out in busy traffic or to the store or post office. The information you enter here is not stored on our servers nor used for any other purpose. So, send out eCards right now to your family and friends.

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