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When you think about courage, what comes to your mind? For many, it might be a fearless person standing upright in front of thousands of enemies. Yes, this is a form of courage but do you know what courage is? Courage is when you take action despite being afraid of leaping into something with fear of the unknown. In other words, courage does not always imply standing straight with a sword, sometimes it means continuing to try against all odds and never giving up.

Yet we are all are courageous in our way. Perhaps you’re dealing with a trauma, or you’re a survivor of abuse of some kind. Or maybe, even though you fail several times, you do not give up and you continue to stand up for yourself. When you do, remember that you’re being brave and courageous. The truth is, during our ordinary lives and daily obstacles, we all do some extraordinary act of courage. In fact, we all are dealing with hundreds of things, broken relationships, mental health issues, physical obstacles, trials, and errors. But, it is our determination that helps us to deal with these kinds of situations.

Bravery does not mean you have to be a superhero. If you are taking a leap of faith or you are trying to make a positive difference in someone’s life then you are courageous. Here, I am going to share thought-provoking quotes about courage and bravery which are inspiring and timeless. They will not only help you to take the first step by defeating your inner fears but they will also inspire you to move towards your goal. 

Through these eQuotes, we desire to inspire you. We are here to ignite the fire in you that leads you to your dreams with fearlessness, force, and courage. Courage doesn’t need to speak louder; rather it must make some difference by gaining confidence and inner strength.

Let’s start a new day with an inspiring courageous quotation to stay motivated! Are you aware of someone who needs a quick shot of courage? Email, send, or share these eQuotes to those who need encouragement. Open this up in the lightbox for the best quality view and options available.

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