Competition vs Cooperation • the Paradigm Shift

The thought that continues to go through my mind is that the behavior of competition is loosing to cooperation. The behavior of competition along with angry, threatening orders is breaking down. Also, I don’t think it’s only the military or any one group, for that matter.

Competition vs Cooperation Which Will You Choose?


Gregg Braden: From Competition to Cooperation

On the subject of cooperation, I want to share the source of my train of thought on this topic. I recently watched a series on the Gaia Channel hosted and written by Gregg Brandon, who is now my favorite modern scientist.

I have no rights over this video. It is for education and enjoyment only.

I believe (and pray) that the awareness that we live in is changing from one of competition to one of cooperation. Moreover, actions based purely on competition and the anger to provoke the competition are failing miserably.

Systems are breaking down and I don’t think lack of funding has as much to do with as the old system of worldwide competition simply isn’t working anymore.

Humans are Tired of War

For instance, whether you are a citizen or a military person, people are sick and tired of war. Furthermore, people no longer want to be a cog in the wheel of their governments. Rather, they want freedom of choice. Instead, the majority of humans in this world get no participation in the deathly decisions that are made on their behalf by their governments.

The point is, I believe that we live in a time of a Universal paradigm shift from competition to cooperation.

We can’t continue to “get angry” and kill mass numbers of people to bring about change, peace, or cooperation. Life doesn’t work that way! It never has. It never will.

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