Colors • Symbolism • Benefits

Colors hold power. They amazingly affect our emotions, and as a result, our behaviors. Colors are also a source of information. Even though how color affects you might derive from personal experiences, the psychology and science of color show us that there’s far more to it than “meets the eye.”

Green is the Symbolic Color of the Heart Chakra - fresh green grass growing in the Spring sun.
Green • Springtime • The Heart Chakra

The color green grows all around us everywhere on our big, beautiful earth. Green is also the symbolic color of the Heart Chakra.

Color • How It Affects Our Lives
The Psychology of How Color Affects Lives

Amazingly, humans are far more visual than animals. Please enjoy this primer about the world of colors and how color affects lives.

When Did the Sky Turn Blue
When Did the Sky Turn the Color Blue?

The color blue is in nature – in the light blue of the afternoon sky and in the deep variations of hue in a deep lake or the ocean.

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