Choices & Living in the Solution; Right Here, Right Now.

These happenings are hard on everyone – no group gets left out. But, how can we all begin living in the solution? What are the steps each one of us can take to help others without putting ourselves and our families at risk? We all have choices to make. Serious choices. More serious than most of us have ever faced in our lives. I advocate living in the solution. It’s a catchphrase we’ve all heard but it is never more appropriate than it is now.

There will be no vaccines coming quickly – most likely not in 2020. However, there are steps each of us can take every day to protect ourselves and our loved ones and in so doing, we are protecting every other citizen in our immediate environments where ever that may be in the world.

It’s Time For Each Of Use to Begin Living In The Solution

We are all trying our best to do the right thing. However, with so many conflicting reports going around, it’s bringing on full-on panic for many people. Sometimes when we move too quickly it helps us avoid the pain and the fear but it will catch up with us.

Choices & Living in the Solution; Right Here, Right Now.

I agree with Marianne when she says the fact that this is facing us to stay home is a good thing. It can be a good thing if we take this time to self-reflect, to meditate, to do our yoga or healing stretches. All of these actions send positive energy into our world.

There is no better time than this to collectively meditate and send positive vibes to our immediate environment and therefore the entire world and universe.

“This is not crazy talk, this is scientifically established.

Marianne Williamson

Namaste my friends! Pray! Mediate! Keep loving yourself deeply and stay safe. Here’s a comforting sage and lavender candle that might help you with your meditation.

Purification Sage Lavender

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