Crystals Light and Power

I choose the phrase, crystals light, and power simply because they hold amazing energy! But, of course, they are also sparkling and endearing. But, how does one harness the energy of healing crystals? This series of posts combines history, and science while giving you a view of both the spiritual and therapeutic uses of crystals.

So, I invite you to learn how to use crystals for your own well-being and healing as we delve into the use of crystals healing energy for spirit, mind, and body balance.

By reading this series you will learn the science of crystals. But, also how to understand the energy of vibrational healing. Then, learn how to cleanse and charge your crystals and then use your crystals in meditation and visualization. We also go over how to harmonize your chakras and auras. All this is in addition to understanding the physical and scientific aspects of crystal power and light.  💎

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