Mother Earth

Everything that has to do with our beautiful Mother Earth and the Universe beyond. This comes in the form of a healthy immediate environment to forest fires to environmental issues. This category covers anything that has to do with misuse of the gifts she has given us. But we also want to show the beauty and grandeur that is our precious Mother Earth and we lift her up with our hearts for worldwide peace and healing.

Save the Rain Forests

Humans glorify explorers and scientists but then ignore their warnings. In continuing to conquer and fill deep pockets, the earth is literally being destroyed by its own inhabitants.

Wildfire Trauma; Preventative Steps

If you live in a wildfire region there are things you can do ahead of the onset of a fire. From the National Child Trauma Stress Network, Wildfire Resources, I gleaned this outline of information for you to follow. For more detailed information, please visit their website to use their resources. They offer a variety …

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What You Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality and Your Children’s Health

Air quality in our homes is an important factor in the health of our children, far more than ever thought before. As parents, you spend the majority of your day doing things to keep your children healthy. The other parts of your day are spent thinking about ways to keep them healthy. We feed them …

What You Need to Know About Indoor Air Quality and Your Children’s Health Read More »

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