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As you get further into your blessings and ritual practices, you might start noticing something interesting. If you are in a state of worry or are stressing over something, it’s difficult to clear your mind. Then, it’s even more difficult to do anything effectively, much less your rituals. The thing is, to get into and enjoy your rituals, you must first achieve a state of deep relaxation.

For some, that’s easier said than done – right? I’d like to have nickle for every time someone told me to “just relax”. So, if relaxing is difficult for you, you’re not alone. But, here’s a interesting answer to that challenge for you to explore. One of many, I’m sure. But, I think this deep relaxation exercise is a great place to start.

Gather Your Tools

  • Your favorite sofa, bed, or mat on the ground.
  • If it’s cold, grab a blanket.
Blessings and Rituals Deep Relaxation Step-by-Step

Deep Relaxation • Step-by-Step

1. The first step is to lie down in a comfortable position. Listen to your breathing without purposefully changing anything. Then, slowly close your eyes.

2. Now direct your thoughts to your face and the tension that stores itself there. Then, contract your face muscles for about 2 seconds. Finally, relax your face.

3. Next think about your neck, then, tense and relax your neck muscles. Now, continue doing the same thing throughout your entire body. Go from top to bottom tensing and relaxing your shoulders, upper arms, chest, back, lower arms, and hands. Then, continue down to your abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, and feet.

4. Sometimes you need to repeat number 3 until you are completely relaxed.

5. Be aware of where your body is lying on the floor or bed. Imagine your energies connecting with the earth below. Give gratitude for Mother Earth’s support. Ask all the tension in your body to drain into the earth and give thanks for the support.

6. Use your imagination to see yourself lying outside under beautifully warm sun. The sun is sinking its rays deep into your body with its glowing warmth. Feel the liquid gold rays flowing into and through your body. Imagine the healing power of the sun throughout your body.

7. Express thanks to your body and hug yourself. Promise your body that you will take the time to nourish, exercise, and rest.Thank the earth for its support and express gratitude to the sun for its warmth.

8. Gently begin to stretch and open your eyes to wake yourself back to reality.

Relaxation Tools

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My foremost inspiration and guide for this series is the book “the Smudging and Blessings Book, Inspirational Rituals to Cleanse and Heal.” Click here or on the image below.

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