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The use of essential or aromatherapy oils in rituals is a deliciously pleasant practice! Choosing a variety with your favorite scents adds an earthy celestial aura to your rituals. For literally eons, humans have used plants, flowers, and wood for both their medicinal qualities and for their ability to induce spiritual experiences. Using essential oils is a part of my daily routine to maintain spiritual, mental, and physical balance. I hope to show you how they can help you balance your life as well.

Burning specific types of plants, wood, or oils is a practice handed down since long before recorded history. Smudging is one example of this practice. But, another wonderful example is the burning of aromatherapy oils. For ritual purposes, the practice we recommend is diffusers, candle burners, or warm water. With these methods, essentially, you vaporize the oils and release their healing qualities into the air around your spiritual ritual space.

Another benefit is in the wafting aroma in the air after your ritual is past. This serves to extend the effectiveness of your ritual as the scents linger on for hours.

When talking about essential oils, however, we must include an array of rituals for those who are more adventurous.

Using Essential Oils in your Blessings and Rituals

Step One • Add to Your Bath

Turn your bath time into a sensuous ritual by adding drops of your favorite essential oil and swirling it around. Then, settle in with a comfy neck pillow, relax, and enjoy.

Step Two • Blend with Your Massage Oils

How encouraging it is that some rituals include massages at the beginning and ending of a nighttime ritual. Create your own massage oils by blending your favorite essential oils with a carrier oil.

Take a look at the chart below for the best spots to apply essential oils topically.

Using essential oils topically

Step Three • On a Cotton Ball or Kleenex

There are times when you need to stop and collect yourself and regain your composure. Think ahead and keep a few cotton balls or a small Kleenex handy along with a small bottle of your favorite essential oil. It’s so nice to be able to take a quick moment to turn your day around with a whiff of heavenly, earthly fragrances.

If you have any further suggestions or comments, we’d also love to hear from you in the comments below. Thank you for visiting today and remember, together we light the way to relieving the anxiety and stress from trauma by achieving spirit, mind, and body balance. Namaste! Warmly, Susan

Below is a list of my favorite essential oils.

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Essential Oils for Spirit • Mind • Body • Balance

The use of essential or aromatherapy oils in rituals is a deliciously pleasant practice! Choosing a variety with your favorite scents adds both an earthy and celestial aura to your rituals. For literally eons, humans have used plants, flowers, and wood for both their medicinal qualities and for their ability to induce spiritual experiences. I regularly use them for my daily routines to maintain spirit, mind, and body balance.

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